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Advanced Tool For Effortless Workflow

Workflow Management in One Tool

Organize registers, forms, processes, workflows.

Manage and accept forms and applications sent to you.

Create customized, unique forms or use ready ones.

Save time and money in your company.

Improve Your Company's Workflow

What is workflow management software? It is an ultimate tool to create, organize and handle registers, forms, processes, and workflows. Thanks to Floway, you can manage all business operations with a click of a button. Based on a cloud, our software can be used anywhere, making working from home much easier.

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Floway workflow – Process configuration
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Go Paperless

Sustainability is an important value for us. That's why we support businesses in their paperless journey. No step is extreme with the right tools, and with Floway, you can digitally manage all documents, forms and requests. Save trees and help us build a better future now.

Our Values


We share the experience gained through years of practice. We believe that the spread of knowledge moves us forward in technological and social development.


We aim to grow with our clients. Processes ease the work of human resources, so employees can focus exclusively on the development of the organization.


We aim to optimize workflow in your company. Each submitted application goes to the appropriate person who makes the decision.


We highly support the companies that take care of the environment and offer them a discount on our product.


We divide long processes into smaller elements, which are assigned to concrete people. You always know who is responsible for what.


The safety of your data is our priority. With Floway you know that all the applications and registers in your company are only within its structures.

Watch our video to learn more

Floway Workflow – Paperless office illustration
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