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Optimization of the process quality




Company’s organization


Boost change

Final states

  • Standardisation completed
  • Not eligible for standardisation
  • Archive


  • Initiatives for optimisation and organisational changes should be accessible for every employee (not dependent on position in the company)
  • Every initiative has to be verified by the KAIZEN team
  • Employee who suggested optimisation should be involved in the implementation of the change

Description: The process begins with the idea’s description form (the main goal is to show positive change after the implementation of the idea). The idea has to be evaluated with regard to financial feasibility and return on investment. This is performed by the Executive Sponsor (like every process role it may be a group of employees, not just one). Next, the Process Operators are planning the first implementation of the idea. For instance, if the same change can be made in many areas, initially we improve one area to check the efficiency of the improvement before standardizing. This approach is more cost-effective since we can resign from the standardization of improvement won’t work as anticipated. The change is implemented according to the prepared earlier plan and has to be monitored for some time (by Process Operators) and finally evaluated. After the evaluation of the change is finished, we can decide, whether the improvement should be introduced as standard (standardization phase of the idea) or discarded. The positive path adopts the change to every analogous aspect of the process. For that, we have to prepare a standardization plan (based on experienced gained through the monitoring phase) and implement it. Standardization has to be evaluated as well via similar monitoring activities. Such an approach allows for continuous improvement of all areas of the company.

Roles engaged: KAIZEN Process Owner, KAIZEN Executive Sponsor, KAIZEN Process Operators.

Common adjustments (configuration):

  • Organisations when starting with optimization methods may not have designated dedicated roles for them and existing departments handle getting the improvements done. Changing the responsibilities in the process is a common activity during the configuration of the tool.
  • The initiating form is very flexible, no unnecessary fields that may discourage employees from entering the idea into the systems were added. However, in some specific cases, we need to add other requirements to the form. These fields may be conditional (depending on other fields’ values).

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