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Workflow Management

Get all of the most advanced tools for smooth workflow management with Floway. Here you can create processes, documents, registers and more. Check out some of the solutions and templates that we offer to improve the smart, rapid and paperless work in your company.

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If you are tired of long hours dedicated to documentations and paperwork, confusion related to responsibility for different processes, Floway will make your work life much easier.

Process Area
Acceptance of the cost invoice Finance
Incoming correspondence Documents
Outgoing correspondence Documents
Holiday request Documents
Resource (hardware) application Current affairs
Resource application (car) Current affairs
Application for delegations Current affairs
Opinions on documents Documents
Process Area
Small purchase request Finance
Big purchase request Finance
Granting the investment budget Finance
Process Area
Preparation of the contract / contract template Documents
Reviewing the contract Documents
Contract amendment Documents
Reporting breach of contract terms / contractual penalties Finance
Legal issue / question Current affairs
Process Area
Application for a benefit Current affairs
Application for training Current affairs
Employee assessment Company organization
Employee deployment / Onboarding Current affairs
Offboarding Current affairs
Application for an employee benefit Current affairs
Complain Current affairs
Anonymous complain Current affairs
Process Area
Acceptance of the marketing project Finance
Process Area
Security incident reporting Company organization
Sensitivity reporting Company organization
Fraud reporting Company organization
Submitting an access request Current affairs
Reporting that access has been revoked Current affairs
Process Area
Optimization application – process implementation time and quality Company organization
Optimization application – change of technical elements Company organization
Optimization application – cost reduction Company organization
Optimization application – improvement of work ergonomics Company organization
Optimization application – change of financial conditions Company organization
Process Area
Submission of an application for the project start Finance
Acceptance of the project product Company organization
Closing the project Company organization
Process Area
Submitting a request for verification with internal regulations Current affairs
Process Area
Reporting a request for regulation to the management board Documents