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  • According to project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 or PMI project needs to deliver unique products. Products are typically divided into Product Breakdown Structure – a tree of subproducts. Every subproduct should be delivered by a Responsible role and accepted by an Accountable role (according to RACI).
  • It is assumed that the product cannot be rejected/discarded. Improvements to the product should be made for as long as necessary to fulfill the quality requirements. This assumption should be revised if necessary (see common adjustments).
  • Additionally, the process involves the project Sponsor, the role responsible for accepting the costs of the product and accepting expenditures.
  • In the product RACI matrix responsibilities can be assigned to a single person (not a group).

Description: Acceptance of the project product assumes that the person Responsible for the product delivery sends a request for acceptance to the person Accountable for the product. The accountable role can either request product improvement/modification or accept the quality of the product and send the product to the project Sponsor. The project Sponsor accepts the product or sends the product back to the Accountable role (either requests improvement/modification or asks for information). Product modifications cannon be requested by the Sponsor directly (to the Responsible person) and always need to be approved by the Accountable role. The product may need many improvement iterations, however in the end it should be approved. The product lifecycle in the process ends after the Sponsor approves the product.

Roles engaged: Responsible, Accountable, Sponsor.

Common adjustments (configuration):

  • Companies may need to add a negative path to the process in case the product quality cannot be improved to the required standard and the product needs to be discarded. In this, the aftermath of a such decision should be considered thoroughly as it may impact many areas (legal, payments, projects, and so on). The resulting process should address all the possible paths.

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